Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Honkin' Huge Update...

{MOST Important}
Trip to San Antonio to see 
"Our Hero", DADDY...


While visiting Quinn, we had the opportunity to spend a couple days with my brother and his family who live in Houston. 

{Sea World}

{River Walk}

Kennedi's Winter Dance Recital
{January, 2011}

Happy 5th Birthday Kalamazoo!!!

Easter Festivities
{City Easter Egg Hunt}

{Jensen Family Easter Egg Hunt}

{Easter Egg Coloring}

{Easter Morning}



Cody said...

I'm so glad to see new posts! I actually just blogged about our San Antonio adventure.... Miss and love you sooo much!

Ashlee Bair said...

Love it! Such cute kids! So glad you made it to the party saturday wouldn't have been the same without you there!

Tasha said...

Hey Monica! Nice to see a new post. What's the story with Quinn in the hospital?